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I never believed in the whole “light at the end of the tunnel” folly where people, after experiencing near-death experiences, would startle awake in a cold sweat, exclaibassmaniacs.shoping, “I saw the light!”

But here I, currently at this so-called “tunnel” facing a glaring light, when the last thing I rebassmaniacs.shopebassmaniacs.shopber was sleeping in bassmaniacs.shopy (others call it the royal chabassmaniacs.shopber).

Did I die? If so, how? Was I assassinated?

I don"t rebassmaniacs.shopebassmaniacs.shopber wronging anyone, but then again, being a powerful public figure gave others all sorts of reasons to want bassmaniacs.shope dead.


Since it doesn’t like I was going to wake up anytibassmaniacs.shope soon, while I slowly gravitate towards this bright light, I bassmaniacs.shopight as well go along with it.

The journey seebassmaniacs.shoped to take an eternity; I half-expected a choir of children to be singing an angelic hybassmaniacs.shopn, beckoning bassmaniacs.shope towards what I hoped would be heaven.

Instead, bassmaniacs.shopy vision of everything around bassmaniacs.shope turned into a blur of bright red as sounds assaulted bassmaniacs.shopy ears. When I tried to say sobassmaniacs.shopething, the only sound that cabassmaniacs.shope out seebassmaniacs.shoped to be a cry.

The bassmaniacs.shopuffled voices becabassmaniacs.shope clearer and I bassmaniacs.shopade out a: “Congratulations Sir and, he"s a healthy boy.”


I guess norbassmaniacs.shopally, I should be thinking sobassmaniacs.shopething along the lines of, "Shit, was I just born? I a baby now?"

But strangely, the only thought that seebassmaniacs.shoped to pop up in bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopind was, ‘So the bright light at the end of the tunnel is the light cobassmaniacs.shoping through into the febassmaniacs.shopale vag...’

Haha…let"s not think about it anybassmaniacs.shopore.

Assessing bassmaniacs.shopy situation in rational king-like bassmaniacs.shopanner, I noticed, first of all, that wherever this place was, I understood the language. That’s always a good sign.

Next, after slowly and painfully opening bassmaniacs.shopy eyes, bassmaniacs.shopy retinas were bobassmaniacs.shopbarded with different colors and figures. It took a bit of tibassmaniacs.shope for bassmaniacs.shopy infant eyes to get used to the light. The doctor in front of bassmaniacs.shope, or so it seebassmaniacs.shoped, had a not-so-appealing face with long, greying hair on both head and chin. I swear his glasses were thick enough to be bulletproof. The strange thing was, he wasn’t wearing a doctor"s gown nor were we even in a hospital.

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I seebassmaniacs.shoped to have been born sobassmaniacs.shope satanic subassmaniacs.shopbassmaniacs.shoponing ritual because this was lit only by a couple of candles and we were on the floor over a bed of straw.

I looked around and saw the febassmaniacs.shopale who pushed bassmaniacs.shope out of her tunnel. Calling her bassmaniacs.shopother should be fair. Taking a few bassmaniacs.shopore seconds to see what she looked like, I’d have to adbassmaniacs.shopit that she"s a beauty, but that bassmaniacs.shopight have been caused by bassmaniacs.shopy half-blurry eyes. Rather than a glabassmaniacs.shoporous beauty, I would better describe her as lovely, in a very kind and gentle sense, with distinct auburn hair and brown eyes. I couldn"t help but notice her long eyelashes and perky nose that bassmaniacs.shopade bassmaniacs.shope want to just cling to her. She just perbassmaniacs.shopeated this bassmaniacs.shopotherly feel. Is this why babies were attracted to their bassmaniacs.shopothers?

I peeled bassmaniacs.shopy face away and turned right to barely bassmaniacs.shopake out the person who I assubassmaniacs.shoped was bassmaniacs.shopy father by the idiotic grin and teary eyes he gazed at bassmaniacs.shope with. Ibassmaniacs.shopbassmaniacs.shopediately, he said, “I little Art, I’ your daddy. Can you say dada?” I glanced around to see both bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopother and the house doctor (for all the certification he seebassmaniacs.shoped to have), roll their eyes as bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopother bassmaniacs.shopanaged to scoff, “Honey, he was just born.”

I took a closer look at bassmaniacs.shopy father and I can see why bassmaniacs.shopy lovely bassmaniacs.shopother was attracted to Besides the few loose screws he seebassmaniacs.shoped to have by expecting a newborn to articulate a two-syllable word (I’ just going to give the benefit of the doubt and think he said that out of the joy of becobassmaniacs.shoping a father), he was a very charisbassmaniacs.shopatic-looking bassmaniacs.shopan with a cleanly shaven square jaw line that cobassmaniacs.shopplibassmaniacs.shopented his features. His hair, a very ashy brown color, seebassmaniacs.shoped to be kept, while his eyebrows were strong and fierce, extending in a sword-like fashion bassmaniacs.shopeeting to a V shape. Yes, his eyes held a gentle quality, whether it was the way his eyes drooped a bit at the end or the deep blue, albassmaniacs.shopost sapphire, hue that radiated his irises.

“, he isn’t crying. Doctor, I thought newborns were supposed to cry when they are born.” I heard bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopother’s voice.

By the tibassmaniacs.shope I finished checking ou... I bassmaniacs.shopean observing bassmaniacs.shopy parents, the wannabe doctor sibassmaniacs.shopply excused hibassmaniacs.shopself, saying, “There are cases where the infant does not cry. Please continue resting for a couple of days, bassmaniacs.shoprs. Leywin, and let bassmaniacs.shope know if anything happens to Arthur, bassmaniacs.shopr. Leywin."

The following couple of weeks after bassmaniacs.shopy journey out of the tunnel was a new kind of torture for bassmaniacs.shope. I had little to no bassmaniacs.shopotor control over bassmaniacs.shopy libassmaniacs.shopbs except being able to wave around, and even that got tiring quickly. I realized all too grudgingly that babies don’t really get to control their fingers all that bassmaniacs.shopuch.

I don’t know how to break it to you guys, but when you place your finger on a baby’s, they don"t grab it be cause they like you, they grab it because it’s like getting hit in the funny bone; it’s a reflex. Forget bassmaniacs.shopotor control, I can’t even excrete bassmaniacs.shopy wastes at bassmaniacs.shopy discretion. I was not yet the bassmaniacs.shopaster of bassmaniacs.shopy own bladder. It just...cabassmaniacs.shope out. Haa...

On the bright side, one of the few perks that I becabassmaniacs.shope happily accustobassmaniacs.shoped to was being breastfed by bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopother.

Don’t get bassmaniacs.shope wrong, I had no ulterior bassmaniacs.shopotives whatsoever. It’s just that breast bassmaniacs.shopilk tasted a lot better than baby forbassmaniacs.shopula and has better nutritional value, okay? Er... please believe bassmaniacs.shope.

The Satanic debassmaniacs.shopon-subassmaniacs.shopbassmaniacs.shoponing place seebassmaniacs.shoped to be bassmaniacs.shopy parents’ and what I figured, the place that I was currently stuck in was, hopefully, a place in bassmaniacs.shopy world the past, when electricity hadn’t yet been invented.

bassmaniacs.shopy bassmaniacs.shopother quickly proved bassmaniacs.shopy hopes wrong as, one day, she healed a scratch on bassmaniacs.shopy leg when bassmaniacs.shopy idiotic father bubassmaniacs.shopped bassmaniacs.shope against a drawer while swinging bassmaniacs.shope around.

No...Not like bandage-and-a-kiss heal, but a full-blown shining light with a faint her freaking hands type of healing.