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Bugün aldığımız papyonuyla, bayramlık yeni elbiseleriyle yatıp sabahı zor eden bayram çocuğu, ya da heyecanla pandemày yasakları sonrasındaki nikahını bekleyen bahtsız damat adayı olur kendileri..

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Hebe Tien (田馥甄) - A little Happiness (小幸運) (Cover) #hebetien #alittlehappiness #ourtimes #田馥甄 #小幸運 #cpop #mandapop #music #cover #ost #soundtrack #我的少女时代

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There's this new series airing called ourtimes. To be honest, it's quite interesting because it has this 90's flavor khổng lồ it. It's starred by leo Wu và Neo Hou. The story uses their character và delves inlớn the political, policy and social reforms whereby two students of a computer institute try to sieze the times pushing forward for a breakthrough in the computer age. Together they resist the waves and tides and succeeded in opening a part for the development, selling, production and marketing of computer in Đài Loan Trung Quốc.
Now it's quite unfortunate that this series isn't been advertised và marketed enough. A lot of people aren't aware of the fact that this series is on air, which is quite sad và unfortunate for such a good drama. Well some people are aware of it but because it's been led by two male leads và it's not a BL , they loose interest. I mean come on, must it be a BL before one can watch a quality drama. A lot of comments in the phản hồi section is asking whether it's a BL