Travel with Gumball và his friends in the Amazing World of Gumball Games and take part in his quirky adventures! Join them in the city of Elmore where friendship conquers all.

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The Gumball Universe

The animated television series named ‘The Amazing World of Gumball' has won numerous prices since the day it first aired, on May 3, 2011. It is a well-known British-American cartoon produced by Cartoon Network Studios Europe and created by the brilliant và creative Ben Bocquelet. The show features the crazy adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Gumball Watterson, a lovely xanh cát, & his best friover và adoptive sầu brother Darwin, the goldfish. You can now join them in every single one of their quests by playing The Amazing World of Gumball Games!

Everything takes place in the fictional thành phố of Elmore, the land of every possibility. And we assure you, in here and more specifically in the Elmore High-school, the quirkiness và the mischief are never-ending. Where everything revolves around fun & friendship, you will see the characters always finding themselves in awkward và difficult situations. The good thing is that, somehow, they always discover a way out.

Like any other young boy of his age, you may not see Gumball behaving nicely every single day at school or at trang chủ. Sometimes, he will argue a lot with his friends or family. Some other times he will encounter difficulties because of his exuberant personality và wild energy. However, he always manages eventually to lớn see where he was wrong. With the help of his friends & family, our frikết thúc comes out of the situations he finds himself in. Watching this cartoon & understanding the messages behind the plot is really educative. All the children out there will have sầu something to learn from his mistakes, adventures or quests; like this, they will gather valuable life lessons.

Meet the Wattersons & Their Friends

The animated television series has various characters, each more complex and more thoroughly contoured than the other. The main character is the young boy, Gumball, a charming, optimistic but rather quirky little blue mèo who might even let a ghost possess his body for a day. Luckily, he has Darwin & Anais to lớn protect hlặng from the problems that he creates.

Darwin, once the family's golden fish is now Gumball's best frikết thúc. Innocent, but full of surprises, he is always there by Gumball's side, for better or for worse. Anais, the loveliest pink bunny and Gumball's younger sister, is the smarchạy thử of them all. She has the most sarcastic type of humor & sometimes the best ideas. Too bad notoàn thân ever listens khổng lồ her. Nicole & Richard are their parents. Nicole, although extremely strict and cautious, she loves her children tremendously và she would vì anything for them. And last, but not least, Richard, Gumball's father, a big và fuzzy bunny who loves only one thing more than the Clip games: his family.

Besides the Watterson family, there are also all the students from the Elmore High-school. The most important of all is obviously Penny Fitzgerald, the only one và true love of Gumball. She will eventually become his girlfriend.

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Friendship Above it All

In a world where everything might happen, something must keep the characters united. And what is more powerful than love và friendship? Gumball is the one who takes all the challenges và puts himself at extreme risk all the time. Hence, he will also be the one who needs more help than everyone else, in the television series as well as in the games. This is why his friends & family are always there lớn help hyên ổn and fight alongside hlặng against the evil. They also have sầu fun & enjoy every single experience that life has lớn offer.

The friendship between Gumball & Darwin và the Watterson family will manage lớn get over all of the difficulties and solve all the problems that might appear. Sometimes it is about defeating the evil Tobias or fighting some ghosts that have possessed the students from the Elmore High-School. Other situations might involve sầu fixing a broken television because of a fight between the Watterson brothers.

You will be able khổng lồ see this in The Amazing World of Gumball Games too. Very often they might get inkhổng lồ a fight for remote control, argue about which television series lớn watch next or compete & run towards mysterious places. But you will always see them enjoying their time together, since their friendship triumphs every time. Besides, sometimes they will join their forces and defeat the evil characters or escape from traps & locked places together! Because the only thing that can always conquer the evil is true friendship và love sầu.

Different but the same, all of the characters from this cartoon absolutely adore the mystery & the thrills that come with every new adventure. So what do you say? Would you want lớn help Gumball & his friends escape from the peculiar situations & from the evil characters? Then come and enjoy what The Amazing World of Gumball Games have sầu khổng lồ offer you.

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